5 Tips for Couples To Celebrate Their First Christmas

Fresh couples and newlyweds seeking Christmas ideas may often overlook simple things that could turn a celebration from dull to bright. Whether you are seeking tips to celebrate Christmas with a partner or how to arrange a party at your home, there are easy ways of creating unforgettable memories for life. Most of them don’t require large funds but just a little bit of care and attention.

5 Christmas ideas for couples and newlyweds

The ideals of love, forgiveness, and piece are the base of any Christmas celebration. Couples who celebrate this beautiful holiday together for the first time may feel a bit nervous about being part of another family’s schedule. Just like in the classic movie Four Christmases with Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon, sometimes the prospect of close encounters with relatives may seem less than enjoyable. Still, the majority of families celebrate this day with nothing but a kind hope to make it pleasant for all involved. This means you will most likely enjoy the festivities, if you build your plan correctly.

Tip #1. Short encounters, pleasant memories

If you are unsure what to expect from your significant other’s relatives, schedule a shorter period together to celebrate. It’s best if you stay separately, whether it’s a hotel or a friends’ place. Airbnb is also helpful to find budget accommodation. If you enjoy your time with the family, you may always spend more time with them. But if you don’t feel at ease, you may leave at any moment.

Tip #2. Christmas presents are overrated

Unless you are trying to find a gift for a small child, don’t stress too much about presents. But you can still impress your partner and his relatives with something special, and spend very little.

>> You may have some points on your credit card that could be redeemed as gift cards or vouchers. General types gift cards are a perfectly acceptable present to grownups.

>> Another type of presents that always feels special is framed old photos from the family archive. If your partner has old photos with the relatives, print a copy and find a beautiful frame to put it in. Such gifts warm up hearts more than any store-purchased items.

>> A pretty and thoughtful Christmas card with personal wishes brings joy to the person reading it. For the best impact, make it yourself from some craft supplies. You still have time to do it.

>> If you can bake, make a Christmas cake. My sister in law brings amazing Christmas cakes, and I always look forward to her coming for the big day. Another my friend makes the tastiest cakes, and this is her usual present at birthdays and parties, which everyone adores. People love eating tasty food. You too can have your own specialty dish for your family to look forward to. For example, pies are extremely easy to make: Just buy frozen pastry sheets and add your own stuffing. There are plenty of recipes online.

>> It’s about creating memories and not about how much money you spend.

Tip #3. Arrange a Christmas lights tour

As a child, you probably enjoyed the wonderful feeling of lighting creations that some thoughtful people put on display. Some towns have competitions and publish the list of addresses with winning displays, they even have street parties. Or simply drive around and stop over at the most impressive places. Chat to the owners, they will be excited to hear compliments. Those are the community-based things that some Eastern European women grow up with but we are not used to take advantage of. See if there are other community events on the calendar and include them in your schedule. It’s always fun to be a part of a large celebration, just to wander around hand-in-hand with your loved one, watch kids playing and having fun.

Tip #4. Attend a service together

Even if this is not something you regularly do, suggest to your partner to attend a Christmas service in a church of your choice to celebrate the true essence of this holiday. It’s a great experience that newlyweds and fresh couples never had before.

Tip #5. Schedule some love into your Christmas day

If it’s your first Christmas together as a couple, start the day with a special celebration for just the two of you. Eggnog in bed is the idea your sweetheart will remember for years. Add a Christmas hat and some red hot underwear, and the sensational start of the day guaranteed. Think of some other white, gold, silver, red, and green treats for the holiday breakfast in bed. Find a pretty carrying tray in style. With thoughtful details the level of enjoyment could raise to well above the usual morning gift-opening ritual. And while you are at that, you may think of adding some wish coupons as a present: Massages, kisses, and other things you know your sweetheart enjoys.

The winter holiday season is a great occasion to be close to people you love. Some of the new connections you make this year as a new couple will last for the rest of your life. Include a bit of planning and your family start as a new couple will become a breeze.

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