Golden Tips To Help You Secure A Second Date With An Older Women

If you are a young man looking for a dating partner you should go for an older woman as there are many benefits that come with doing it. Older women are more experienced; therefore, they make wiser decisions. This gives you peace of mind as you know that your lady can’t make silly mistakes. The older woman is also financially stable and can take care of herself. This removes the burden of feeling as it’s your responsibility to take care of her. If your woman is in business, chances are that she has connections in different areas. This gives you higher chances of succeeding in your career as you will be connected to the right people.

Due to the many benefits that come with dating a cougar, when you get a first date with her you should do all the right things to increase your chances of getting a second date. To help you out, here are golden tips that will help you secure a second date with her:

Be knowledgeable

Cougars are intelligent women thus will want to hold an intelligent conversation with you. For you to maintain the conversation you should be knowledgeable of different things. Of major importance, have the knowledge of the industry that she is in. if she is in oil, know the current issues surrounding the industry. When you do this, she will enjoy being with you thus increasing your chances for a second date.

It’s common for people to discuss favorite music and movies during dates. To avoid making her feel too old or out of your generation, you should know a few of the best movies and songs in her time. It also won’t hurt to know a few lines from the media.

Don’t be needy

There is nothing that turns women off than being needy. While you will be interested in her, you shouldn’t show her that she is the center of your world. When you go for a date, go there to have fun-don’t try too hard to impress her or worry of her validation. You should also never ask anything from her. It’s the man’s role to take care of the cheque; therefore, when it comes, don’t let her pay-you should pay for it. This shows that you can take care of yourself and you are not looking to depend on her. This makes you more attractive.

Take control

While cougars are strong, independent women, it doesn’t mean they don’t want a man who takes control. Having money and being older doesn’t mean she should be the one to handle the cheque. When setting out the date, she shouldn’t be the one dictating all the things. You should have ideas on where to eat, the movies to watch and the activities to engage in. When you show control, you are more attractive as the older woman sees that she doesn’t have to work too much while with you. It also shows that you are mature. While it’s good to take control, you shouldn’t dominate the woman. This is to avoid putting her off.

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Why Is Dating Important?

Dating is a stage of romantic and/or sexual relationships in humans whereby two or more people meet socially, possibly as friends or with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in a more committed intimate relationship or marriage according to Wikipedia. Now, if we talk about dating, what comes to your mind? Well, there are different views when it comes to the issue of dating especially believers. Some say it is not good for Christians; whilst others say it is good just like it is for any other person regardless of religious beliefs. Both arguments have valid points. However, the challenge is with the conclusion an argument draws. We shall look at the two arguments and then draw a conclusion. According to Wikipedia, dating is a stage of romantic and/or sexual relationships in humans whereby two or more people meet socially, possibly as friends or with the aim of each assessing the other’s suitability as a partner in a more committed intimate relationship or marriage.

The argument against dating

The conclusion against dating is as a result of the negative tendencies according to the proponents of this argument. Here are some of the tendencies:

1) Dating does not necessarily lead to commitment but to intimacy. Becoming intimate without commitment to each other is not desired for various reasons.

2) Dating tends to skip a very important stage of a relationship, which is friendship. Friendship is very important and it should precede a committed love relationship.

3) The dating couple substitutes the love relationship for a physical relationship. It has been noted some people quickly enter into a sexual relationship before understanding what true love is.

4) Dating isolates a couple from other important relationships most of the time.

5) In most cases, dating distracts young adults from their primary responsibility of preparing for the future.

6) God’s gift of singleness gets overlooked. Dating tends to cause discontentment with singleness and yet it is also a wonderful stage of life.

The argument for dating

May it be indicated that as much as the problems indicated in the argument against dating are valid and genuine, they are not necessarily caused by dating in itself but by the people involved in it. That means if one avoids dating, it does not mean the stated problems will be cured. The cure for such problems is the same as that of other life issues. What is the cure of life issues? The Bible is. The Bible is needed to ensure spiritual growth and maturity as much as it is needed in handling relationship issues. The problem lies with the issue of values and characters of the people involved. Avoiding dating cannot remove such problems if they exist in the lives of these people who are dating. There has to be set boundaries during the dating period.

What are the benefits of dating?

1) People get the opportunity to learn about themselves, others, and relationships before commitment. This provides a safe context. One gets time to discover the opposite sex and skills on issues of relationship. This must be done around people who care about you. This may include your parents, friends, youth pastor, coach, and others.

2) Provides a context for working through issues. That which people value now may change overtime. What you value now may not be good for you in the future. So dating allows you to discover your long term values. You might not marry the person you first loved. Why? Some changes take place as you discover yourself.

3) Relationship skills are built

Some necessary skills are not learned in families. A lot of work and skills are required in intimate relationships. Communications, trust, listening, sacrifice and honesty issues arise during the dating period. You become aware of your immaturity. You get to learn about relationship and how one function in a relationship.

4) It heals and repairs

Some people pass through hurts when they are young. They may have missed an opportunity to be loved. You find that they never experienced love. During dating they start feeling loved and accepted. That way they receive healing from someone that accepts and nurture them. The interesting thing is that many people do not marry their first love. This first relationship tends to be an environment for growth and healing to some. These singles get prepared for their final love relationship.

5) Dating is relational and has value in itself.

Some people use others selfishly in dating. They use it for self-gratification. However, some enjoy knowing the other person. So they give and receive in a godly way, interestingly not in a way that leads to marriage. Unmarried people do not share parts of themselves as they are expected to restrain from sexual intimacy. That is true love. Love that rushes to sex before knowing each other and getting married later is not true love.

6) You get to know your likes and dislikes in the opposite sex

There is so much that one learns about relationships during dating. One might desire to get something opposite what he experienced from relationship in a family situation. But he may discover that for a love relationship there is more than what he is making up for. You may discover that the attributes you thought you needed are not necessarily what is good for you.

7) You learn self-control and delay of some other gratifications

Some people think that a love relationship is just about sex. Sex needs to be forgone in dating. First learn to relate and to care for each other without sex. Once you mature in that first, there will be fewer problems once you get married. After getting married you can then climax your love with sex. Let there be boundaries in your dating and that will protect both of you. There is time for everything according to Ecclesiastes 3:1, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.”

There is a good reason for dating. Dating in itself is not evil or bad. Immature people overstep boundaries and then bad consequences follow. Handled with care, dating can lead to a fulfilling love life that will last. First learn each other and become friends and discover if indeed you are compatible for marriage. If you feel that you are not good together, terminate the relationship. Set boundaries help you both not to be clouded and then think you are in a true love relationship. Once you have developed the relationship and are both satisfied that you were meant for each other, you can commit to each other and then get married. After that you can start enjoying sex.

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How About Women Looking for Couples?

Be Honest and Straight

When you are using a bisexual dating site, there is no better advice than honesty and straightness. Just like that. Here are explicit tips you can use:

1. Be honest about your experience.
2. Be straight on what you are looking for.
3. Don’t assume, ask.
4. Tell everything you want.
5. Don’t be shy talking about dildos and sex toys.
6. Respond to everything you’ve been asked honestly.
7. Follow requests if you feel comfortable with them. If not, say so.

A piece of Advice about you posting Photos

Photoshop nowadays makes it possible to circulate a lot of fake “perfect” pictures around. Bisexual women looking for couples are not safe of these phenomena.

When you post a photo, avoid cheating. Be honest and make a realistic first impression. You might even want to choose a not-so-good picture of you to go along with your profile. I am not suggesting that you look bad, but do not post the perfect and best picture of you. That way, you will cause an even better impression when you finally meet in person. After all, bisexual couples are looking for a real encounter and not just the fantasy of online meetings.

How to get Real Photos from your Bisexual Women Prospects

If you want to make sure you are getting an honest approach from the other side, ask bisexual women for a photo. But be clever, and after you have the first freely given picture, ask for something more specific.

A classic is to ask for a picture of her with the newspaper showing today’s date. That is effective, though not too original. Some other ideas include holding something you like (like a stuffed animal or a dildo). If you had an interesting conversation about something related to her life, ask for a photo of her holding that particular object and making a funny face, showing her tongue or giving a kiss.

You can use some of these tricks to get a real photo and be playful with bisexual couples. It is a way to warm up the environment for the real thing.

Go beyond the looks and Chat

Bisexual women and bisexual couples engage in relationships not different from straight relationships. When you are looking for an encounter in a bisexual dating site, go beyond the looks and chat. You will find that there is a better chemistry coming from people you have something to talk about.

Even if you are just talking about sex, you can identify how experienced and how creative are the bisexual women you are trying to meet. It is no warranty that everything will work in real life, but you’ll have more chances to get a pleasant encounter.

Bisexual Couples vs. Bisexual Women

There is a saturation of bisexual couples looking for bisexual women for a threesome. Most likely when you post a request for females, couples will pop up inadvertently.

If you are not fond of a swinger like an experience, and you want strictly bisexual women, then ignore these replies and stick to your request. You will find that there is less time to waste when you just go for bisexual women instead of trying something you are not looking for.

NSA Advantages

Ask for NSA (No Strings Attached), not just to the bisexual women you are looking forward to meeting, but also to your couple. Be sure that your partner is OK with NSA and talk about it. Bisexual couples have to be confident and must trust each other before going after a bisexual dating site for an encounter.

Before meeting Bisexual Women, get to know their status

It is not that you care about bisexual women being single or married. However, when bisexual couples look for encounters, there are many things that a bisexual dating site cannot control. Some of the problems you might have depending on her status are:
1. Married bisexual women who chose to cheat on their husbands can eventually be caught, and you will have an angry man banging your door if she was not discrete.
2. Single bisexual women may not be as discrete as some bisexual couples might want.
3. Bisexual couples can be treated by bisexual women who want to engage in a one-on-one relationship with any of them later on without the couple’s consent.

By knowing in advance what is the bisexual woman’s status, you can prevent and be aware of some of this drawbacks.

Use this guidance to make the most of your bisexual encounter. Get ready for new experiences and play it safe.

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How to Make a Girl Addicted to You

If you’ve been infatuated with your hot friend (who happens to be female), or you’ve just gone to a bar and wanted to pick up an irresistible girl, you might have felt intimidated. Scared. Even nervous.

But overcoming that fear isn’t hard when you learn how to pick up girls in a natural, charismatic way. To attract a woman, you need to understand a few basic principles. You need to be someone who can get her attention, impress her, and seduce her.

This means building chemistry and rapport – but doing so under her radar, so you don’t come across as pushy or weird. You can use these simple moves to get her into bed with you in no time.

1) Get physically close

Seduction can only happen if you are physically close to someone. The first thing you need to do is get close to her, introduce yourself, and be warm and friendly with her. You don’t have to start off by coming on to her – that will just turn her off. But do project authority and confidence, and that you really care about your life and your own interests.

2) Ask her questions and get to know her

Being likable is important. The only way to do this is to bond with her over common interests. Talk to her and get to know her, asking questions about what she’s into. And what’s more, you should really take an interest. Be sure to remember what you hear from her. If she’s into sports, clothes, makeup, whatever – just find a way to connect with her on it. If it’s a topic you don’t know about yourself, don’t fret; just ask her more questions.

You can send her texts when you get her number asking her about her latest purchase or makeup choice, or maybe how she’s gotten her hair done. Try to keep the conversation on her, but if you find something you’re both into, more the better.

3) Introduce a little intimacy

The best time to text her is to talk to her at night or when you know she’s in bed. Why? Because this is her most comfortable, sexy time – and when she’s likely to let down her guard with you. You can start out with just light flirting and chatting in the first few conversations, then progress to a little more suggestive conversation and get her to flirt back with you. If you see her responding in the positive… that’s a clear sign she’s into you.

4) Live a double life

Be a sexy naughty flirt at night, but when you see her in the day, don’t even mention the flirty stuff. Just talk casually and be cool – especially if there are friends around. You only should bring up flirtation when you two are alone – which convinces her that the two of you have a secret passionate love affair going on.

And no one needs to know but you two.

5) Don’t mention how much you like her

A lot of guys make this mistake, but the key is to not let on how much you like her. The second you tell her that, you’ll lose the suspense atmosphere you have created.

She already knows you like her from the flirting, the texting, and the attention you pay her. Her curiosity and excitement are what make her addicted to you, and you don’t want to kill that off by revealing too much too soon.

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Dating on Your Fingertips

Over a period of time, the dating world has undergone many changes. Earlier, dates were sought when strangers met at some common place or were introduced by common friends, family, etc. Then came the internet era which changed the way dating was approached. People could seek dates through online portals by creating their profiles. With advancements in technology, we are now living in an era of dating through mobile Apps.

Among mobile Apps, the one that stands out is Tinder. It is an App which arrived in the year 2012 and completely revolutionized the style of dating. Its ease of use made it popular instantly, especially among the younger generation.

Highlights of Tinder:

1. It introduced an element of fun in dating because it was quick and easy.

2. It offers the user a number of prospective dates on their fingertips instantly.

3. Since it is a mobile App, with the facility of data connection the user is not restricted by time and place to seek a date.

4. It is easy to create a dating profile on Tinder. This is because Tinder is linked to Facebook and it picks up the user’s details from there.

5. The feature of linking with Facebook makes it secure. This is because generally Facebook profiles are reliable.

6. You have the option of three filters to be used. You can set the filter of maximum distance away from you, age range you prefer and the gender you are interested in.

7. Using is very simple. You only need to swipe right if you like the person or swipe left if you don’t.

8. The App is designed in a manner that it is easy to navigate.

9. Tinder began as a site for hookups and casual relationships. But, it is surprising that people are able to find lasting relationships also through this site.

Since it offers the user so many conveniences, Tinder has become a popular App worldwide. Many dating sites have followed its example and are now offering the users the option of being used as Apps.

In conclusion, we can say that the dating world has definitely evolved. From the traditional slow dating methods, we have now moved into an era of seeking dates in the palm of our hands. Finding a date is now just a swipe away. Tinder has made dating as simple as SWIPE-TEXT and MEET.

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Top 3 Tips to Deal With a Breakup When Your Heart Feels Broken

Love is such a wonderful thing in this world we live in but sometimes things don’t work out very well for everyone and you have to break up with that special someone because things aren’t working out and you have to move on. Dealing with this process before and after the breakup is very hard for everyone therefore today you will learn some good tips on how to deal with a bad break up after having invested your time in a significant other for so long in your life.

Vent your feelings to your friends and family

Sometimes the best thing to do to get over a breakup is to talk about it with friends and family and use that to help get over the experience. Talk to your friends and family about your troubles since the break up, how you felt, how you still feel currently and simply go from there and ask their advice on things to do next emotionally and how to handle the situation when dating even in the future.

Spend time doing your favorite hobbies and activities

Some good ways to handle your breakup is to spend time doing your favorite hobbies and doing other things you enjoy doing for fun. Focus on your favorite things you mainly like to do and remember why you like doing these things in the first place and immerse yourself in them completely to maximize the experience of coping with your breakup.

Don’t dwell on the past and what you could have done differently

And finally the last tip is to not dwell on the past and don’t focus too much on the breakup itself and the events that led up to it. Of course you can’t completely forget and stop thinking about your previous partner and what you could have done differently to prevent the breakup. But remember to not beat yourself up about it too much and to do your best to move on from the negative experience and try even now to learn from the experience and use this bad experience with your previous partner to figure out what you’ll do differently and essential turn the experience into a positive experience for you to utilize.

That’s essentially the top tips on how to deal with a bad breakup. Life isn’t always easy and simple with positive good outcomes but learning from your mistakes and other peoples mistakes and mishaps is apart of living life and as long as you keep a positive attitude and open mind you’ll feel like you can do anything in the face of any depression and negative state you may be in temporarily after breaking up with a previous loved one. So keep your head up high and try your best next time to make the next loved one work out more and be a better experience upon dating for you both.

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Tips On How To Attract A Scorpio Man

Are you hoping to get into a relationship with a Scorpio? It is not going to be easy unless you’re aware of what works and how to go about it. Many people are attracted to Scorpio’s and are never able to make things work, and it stems from not understanding how to pursue such people in the first place.

Let’s take a look at some of the tips that are going to make sure the Scorpio you’re in love with is attracted to you.

Defining Scorpio Men:

Before anything else, you want to understand what Scorpio men are like. This is going to help build the foundation for the rest of your approach and how you earn their trust.

The common personality traits include:

1) Intensity
2) Resourcefulness
3) Loyalty
4) Seriousness

These are the qualities you’re going to notice in a man such as this, and it will become evident in a hurry. They will carry these traits with them all the time, and it’s going to show whenever you interact with them.

So, what do you do to attract them and woo them?

1) Don’t Lie

The first thing you want to ensure isn’t happening is lying. If you’re honest, they’re going to respect you a lot more, and it’s going to do a lot for you in the long-run.

If you lie, they will see it.

They know when a person is lying, and you are not going to get past their sensors.

Make sure you are not playing with fire in such a manner as it won’t end well!

2) Share Emotional Secrets

Too many people don’t do this, and that is where you can lose out when it comes to Scorpio’s. This doesn’t mean you spill everything in one conversation but let them into your mind a bit.

This is going to illustrate to them that you also care about loyalty and trust.

Remember, this is one of their major character traits as they love loyalty and pay attention to it from the people around them.

3) Provide Your Full Attention

Don’t start to ignore them or think they won’t notice if you zone out a bit. Everybody is prone to doing this sometimes, but with Scorpio’s, you’re playing with fire, and it won’t be an attractive quality in their eyes at all.

They’re going to see right past it, and that is not something you want.

Look to provide your full attention to them when they’re speaking as that is going to resonate with them a lot more and it will do a lot for you in the long-term.

Those who pay attention tend to win the hearts of Scorpio’s, and this is seen all the time.

With these tips, you are going to attract the man of your dreams in no time, and they won’t know what hit them. Yes, these are the tips that work, and you have to take advantage of them if you are serious about getting into a proper relationship and seeing how things work out.

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5 Tips For Older Women Dating Younger Men

Nowadays, older women love to date younger men and this has become the mainstream. Cougar or older women have more choices. They prefer younger men to the same of the same age. Before you go ahead and go on your first date with him, we suggest that you consider a few things. You need to find out what you want before taking the next step. Read on.

1. Maturity Level

Maturity is not always dependent on age. Based on their experiences of life, some younger men grow up faster and become wiser. In order to get a better idea of how mature he is, you may want to spend some time with him. However, you don’t need to take this hassle if you just want a casual relationship.

2. The Adventures Nature

Younger men want to know a lot of things before trying to settle down. With an adventurous mind, they have an open and natural manner, which is quite pleasing for women. The adventurous nature of younger men is contagious. Moreover, if you explore life with them, you will experience a lot of excitement.

3. Find Out Your Expectations

What you need to do is know your expectations before you start dating your man. If you want to have a casual relationship, you won’t need to meet him very often. You just need to spend quality time with him.

After years of a long relationship with your husband, now you need to have some fun without any knots of marriage. However, if you want a serious relationship, we suggest that you look for a man with the same expectations.

It’s important that you ask for what you need. Both of your should be on the same page in order to prevent heartbreak and frustration down the road. In your first few meetings, you may want to find out exactly what he wants as far as relationship goes. You can handle these matters as your relationship develops.

4. Know Your Energy Levels

How energetic are you? Do you love to dance until it is dawn? Younger men get engaged in a lot of social activities during the week. So, if you are a different type of woman, you should look for someone who shares the same energy levels.

Moreover, you should find out what type of social activities you want to do. If you don’t like a few things that he loves to do, don’t be afraid to give him a few alternatives. What you need to do is show him a fun side of you. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be competitive. You should be yourself and help him enjoy the stuff he wants. You should make a list of things that both of you love doing. This will prevent the boredom and make your relationship stronger. After all, you don’t want to spoil the fun.

5. Know Your Circumstances

Aside from the age factor, older woman look for men who are confident, have a sense of humor and won’t have a problem accepting you for what you have. But before you go on a date with him, make sure you know what will work the best. You need to have a better idea of your circumstances before you go for the relationship with a younger man.

So, if you are looking for a young man to date with, we suggest that you check out these 5 tips and apply them to see if they will work for you. With patience and a little effort, you will be able to have a great time with your man. Hopefully, this will help.

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9 Restorative Good Relationship Moments

If we don’t think life is all about our relationships, have a think about how miserable we are when they go poorly. I want to share with you what I think are nine restorative relationship moments.

1. Intimacy – good relationships feature intimacy, which I define as vulnerability shared courageously in the closeness of trust. Our trust empowers another to trust, and that mutual permission grants access to freedom for both we call respect.

2. Meeting – all good relationships require a meeting. But just the same there are times when we should continue to meet when the relationship faces trials, as Hebrews says, “not giving up meeting together… but encouraging one another” (10:25). We all want to back out of moments when meeting takes courage – where meeting will involve confrontation.

3. Confrontation – none of us enjoy being confronted, and not many of us enjoy confronting, but good confrontations – where both parties feel empowered because they’re safe – is so important for relationship happiness. Confrontations implicit of love show that caring is an extension of the truth, because love ensures that the confrontation is productive. Love does not give up nor give in.

4. Listening – no list on good relationship moments would be complete without the word listening. We see it practiced so rarely, and we may hardly experience it. But, if we can be the ones who can start by listening well enough to understand, our relationships will be all better for it. Listening properly requires great faith to leave aside our needs to serve another person’s first.

5. Apology – I’m a big fan of Dr Gary Chapman’s five Languages of Apology, for we all speak ‘sorry’ differently. Every great relationship requires every person to apologise. Apology precipitates forgiveness.

6. Forgiveness – such a complex subject comprising a plethora of relationship moments. Forgiveness is God’s grace, redoubled in human form.

7. Restoration – transactions of forgiveness are fundamental to restoration.

8. Triumph – such a moment is only known beyond the pain of a difficulty reconciled, where both parties add the significant effort of humility to overcome their differences. There can be no triumph moment where one person exudes all the humility, and the other encamps in pride.

9. Exemplification – as two are exemplars of these great relationship moments, a moment is created where others learn.

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6 Tips To Date A BBW

So, you have found the right BBW on a dating website and now you are thinking of going on a date with her. Obviously, you are a bit nervous since this is the first time you are going out with a BBW. But you don’t have to be nervous as BBWs are no different from other women. However, you need to be careful and shouldn’t touch sensitive issues when talking to her. Here are some tips for a successful date.

Be a Gentleman

A gentleman is a gentleman, after all. All women like men who behave well. Your date will appreciate it greatly if you be courteous. For instance, you should pull a chair for her at the restaurant. In the same way, opening the door for her is also part of proper etiquette and behavior.

Things You Should Not Discuss

On your first date with your woman, make sure you know what to say and what not to say. Most men make the mistake of asking a BBW about their weight, gym, size and fitness habits.

However, if she talks about these topics, you can add some positive comments. But you should never start these topics no matter what. Besides, you shouldn’t talk about your own weight either as it may get interpreted wrongly and she may get uncomfortable or upset.

Don’t Look at Other Girls

As a general rule, don’t talk about skinny girls or women when you are with your cougar on a date. As a matter of fact, some BBWs are more sensitive, especially when they are around skinny girls.

BBWs know that skinny girls are liked by most men. Therefore, you shouldn’t make the mistake of looking at other skinny girls while you are talking to your date. In fact, they will take it as an insult. So, never make this mistake or you may lose your date forever.

Choose The Right Place To Enjoy a Meal With Her

If your date allows you to choose a place for a date, what would you do? Well, you should make this choice after a lot of thinking. Here you need to keep one thing in mind: BBWs tend to be self-conscious. So, they won’t be relaxed or comfortable at a beach full of skinny girls.

In the same way, you shouldn’t take your date to a small place with a lot of people. Moreover, make sure the seats are big enough and comfortable. Activities like cycling or hiking are not good for your first date. Once you understand your date a bit more, you will be able to know the activities she would like to be engaged in. This will help you have better dates in the future.

Take Her to Your Home

You should care about her. And one way of doing so is to introduce her to your family and some good friends. The worst thing that you can do is make her feel like you are ashamed of dating an older woman. If you take her to your home, she will be more confident and she will love you more.

Be Open to Her

As far as talking to your big beautiful woman goes, you should be open to her. You don’t have to be offensive, nosy, or pushy. As a matter of fact, you should talk to her about things that she loves doing. You should also ask her about things that she wants to talk about.

So, these are some tips that can help you have a great date with your BBW. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid these terrible mistakes down the road.

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