Debunking 3 Myths About Cougar Dating Trends

The concept of Cougar dates have grown in popularity, particularly in the past decade. The ‘Cougar’ term refers to mature women who date younger men. However, the concept has gained momentum because often young men find mature women more attractive and more put together in their lives. Women gain a sense of independence and patience as they mature which can manifest in to a hassle free relationship for younger men who are still trying to settle their careers and personal lives and do not want the added distractions of common relationship struggles.

However, cougar dating remains shrouded in myths, particularly amongst the skeptical crowd who often do not understand the convenience, comfort and stability that can come from a younger man – mature woman relationship. Here are three common myths, related to this particular dating trend, debunked.

Myth 1 – It is not a viable relationship and he is more likely to cheat

Any relationship can have its foundations crumbled if it is not based on trust. Infidelity or insecurity, both can be equally damaging for relationships. However, it has no direct relation with a cougar date relationship. Instead, the spontaneity and independence of the mature woman agrees considerably with the younger man’s mentality, giving the relationship a much better chance at survival.

Myth 2 – Younger men might not be able to hold the interest of the cougar for long

Interests and adjustment are key for keeping up the interest factor in any relationship. Cougars are younger in spirit and younger men in such relationship often have a deeper sense of worth or focus. The culmination of both can actually be a true balancing factor for such relationships keeping the interest alive for longer periods than average relationships.

Myth 3 – Younger men will eventually want to have children and might not choose to continue with the cougar relationship

Many social surveys have actually revealed that the main reason for younger men gravitating increasingly towards cougar dating is that mature women do not offer continuous pressure for marriage and kids. Younger women in fact are more worried about the sprint of their biological clock. Again, many young men find they have a wider range of needs beyond creating a brood of children and often cougars seem a better fit for their relationship needs. In any situation, an open-mind is a key factor in sustaining the relationship.

Cougar relationships are just as vital as any other relationship and come with their own sets of difficulties. However, they are still a natural bonding between two adults and have just as much chances at success as any other type of relationship.

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