Golden Tips To Help You Secure A Second Date With An Older Women

If you are a young man looking for a dating partner you should go for an older woman as there are many benefits that come with doing it. Older women are more experienced; therefore, they make wiser decisions. This gives you peace of mind as you know that your lady can’t make silly mistakes. The older woman is also financially stable and can take care of herself. This removes the burden of feeling as it’s your responsibility to take care of her. If your woman is in business, chances are that she has connections in different areas. This gives you higher chances of succeeding in your career as you will be connected to the right people.

Due to the many benefits that come with dating a cougar, when you get a first date with her you should do all the right things to increase your chances of getting a second date. To help you out, here are golden tips that will help you secure a second date with her:

Be knowledgeable

Cougars are intelligent women thus will want to hold an intelligent conversation with you. For you to maintain the conversation you should be knowledgeable of different things. Of major importance, have the knowledge of the industry that she is in. if she is in oil, know the current issues surrounding the industry. When you do this, she will enjoy being with you thus increasing your chances for a second date.

It’s common for people to discuss favorite music and movies during dates. To avoid making her feel too old or out of your generation, you should know a few of the best movies and songs in her time. It also won’t hurt to know a few lines from the media.

Don’t be needy

There is nothing that turns women off than being needy. While you will be interested in her, you shouldn’t show her that she is the center of your world. When you go for a date, go there to have fun-don’t try too hard to impress her or worry of her validation. You should also never ask anything from her. It’s the man’s role to take care of the cheque; therefore, when it comes, don’t let her pay-you should pay for it. This shows that you can take care of yourself and you are not looking to depend on her. This makes you more attractive.

Take control

While cougars are strong, independent women, it doesn’t mean they don’t want a man who takes control. Having money and being older doesn’t mean she should be the one to handle the cheque. When setting out the date, she shouldn’t be the one dictating all the things. You should have ideas on where to eat, the movies to watch and the activities to engage in. When you show control, you are more attractive as the older woman sees that she doesn’t have to work too much while with you. It also shows that you are mature. While it’s good to take control, you shouldn’t dominate the woman. This is to avoid putting her off.

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